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Fees For United States Patents

The following are typical fees that Buche & Associates, P.C. charges for the filing of U.S. patent applications.

  • United States National Stage Patent Application. $1,800 USD, plus government fees, plus any professional drawing revisions, plus translation costs based on a foreign or PCT application.

    This includes filing of necessary transmittals, the published application, a power of attorney, oaths and declarations. This fee is to prepare a grammatically correct patent application, with U.S. Claim form and structure, as well as a preliminary amendment. While some firms will offer more discounted services that involve mere filing, our firm will only file patent applications where we take suitable precautions to ensure the applications are properly translated and written in proper English. We believe this is necessary to provide a quality work product worthy of the applicant's name, our firm's name, and to give the applicant the best chance of achieving a United States patent.

  • Responding to United States Office Actions.

    $800-$2,500 USD, average rates for responses to office action. We charge $275-$525 USD, hourly rates for responding to office actions. Rate depends on whether a partner ($525), senior associate (3+ years)($325) or junior associate ($275) performs the work. Flat rates may be available for a particular office action. For a specific office action, please inquire about a flat fee to appear and file an appropriate response.

  • Preparing United States Patent Application (Not Based on a Foreign Filing). $3,500-10,000 USD, plus government fees, drawings, translations.

    This is a typical range for most utility applications. The rates vary depending on complexity of the invention.

  • United States Design Patent.

    $2,000 USD, price to file most U.S. design patents, inclusive of filing fee for a small entity and professional drawings. An issue fee is also due once issued.

  • Patent Search & Patentability Opinion

    Classification-based search of U.S. and International patent databases and patentability opinion letter from a registered patent attorney. These searches are not outsourced, but are done internally by attorneys familiar with your invention. $1200.

  • United States Trademark Applications.

    Have a PTO registered attorney prepare and file your application.
    Actual Use Trademark Application
    $600, plus government fees.
    Intent-to-Use Trademark Application (Rights Reservation)
    $600, plus government fees, and
    $350, statement of use, including government fees.

**Fees are approximations for preparation of applications. Rates may vary depending on invention complexity. Hourly rates are charged for responding to office actions to patents and trademark applications. We are not permitted by law to guaranty the results on a particular legal matter or that you will receive a patent or trademark. Information on this website is informational only and is not intended to be legal advice or intended to create an attorney-client relationship.

**Before the firm will perform any legal work, California law requires the parties sign a fee agreement with the attorneys. Upon contacting our firm, a suitable agreement will be drawn up specific to your legal needs. Payments are typically made by wire transfer, credit card, or check. Fees are paid in advance of legal services being performed and the firm does not advance filing fees charged by the USPTO.